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Sun, Sep 15, 2002

For all contacts:
DeMartini/Anderson Productions
3765 Motor Ave, Ste 710,
West Los Angeles, CA 90034,
Tel. (310) 837.8795



A DeMartini Production.

From DeMartini Productions the movie called, "The Alternate". It stars Eric Roberts, Ice-T, Michael Madsen, Bryan Genesse and John Beck.

It is directed by Sam Firstenberg.

Frank DeMartini, also known as FrankyD, is the producer.

The distribution is handled worldwide by Nu Image.

The story takes place in the present and involves the President of the United States being kidnapped in what begins as an inside job to increase his popularity ratings. It turns out to be the real thing as one of the conspirators turns on the other three.

One of the kidnappers saves the day by killing the bad guy and releasing the president. He is The Alternate and is played by Eric Roberts.

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