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Tue, May 12, 2015
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A new scenario - Lara Croft type, StarWars type - going Hollywood?
EXCLUSIVE, by our special reporter Mike Rock!

Rumors have it that Hollywood is looking for a new Lara Croft/007 type female hero to star in a space war movie, to fight the total destruction of humanity, organized by a mad anti-christ type scientist.
Are several film studios going after this new story?
We were able to get hands on a synopsis of the story titled: Princess 008: In Defense of Humanity.


2021. Earth is terrorized by an army of machines that are programmed to destroy mankind. Flying shears hunt and behead men, women and children, and suck their souls.

Princess 008 is sent to Earth by the Galactic Federation to protect humanity from the mechanical forces of the mad scientist, Professor Huggy, who proudly calls himself the new Messiah, and who claims be able to purify humanity. Huggy has on Bali, an island in Asia, a series of factories where numerous electromagnetic weapons and flying robots are being built.
Huggy argues that humanity must be purified from violence, belligerence, crime and stupidity. In order to achieve true peace on Earth, the poor souls, the Karmo's, must be slain. The good souls, the Huggo's, followers of Huggy, carry an electromagnetic signal on their skin.

After a short 3-day trip from Thanxan, capital planet of the Galactic Federation, located 135 light years from earth, Princess 008 arrives on Earth in San Francisco, in the company of her six Cobras, her personal spiritual protectors, able to act in several dimensions and to shift body shape. These bodyguards are entities from the famous multi-dimensional planet Vinx.

Princess 008 prefers her personal spaceship. It is a Marks7 model of the holon-battleships that use the holon-channel network to move through the multiverse. This network is composed of a complex myriad, the 3-layered wormholes that connect all planets and solar hubs of the multiverse. ... finally a giant battle takes place on Earth. Millions of humans are hunt and beheaded. But at the end Princess 008 wins and she falls in love with a human hero.

Breaking Science News.

Cosmology: A new variation on the String Theory: Wormholes and space-time curvatures are easy to understand in the Big Tube Theory. Via a special manifold new dimensions (layers) are created. This new theory brings also new insights in the gravitation and may be the entry for the TOE (Theory Of Everything). It shows how holistic approaches of - for example - homeopatics, karma and chakra's can be explained.

DeMartini Productions with "The Alternate". It stars Eric Roberts, Ice-T, Michael Madsen, Bryan Genesse and John Beck. Worldwide distributor: NU IMAGE

FILM with Robert Vaughn, Sean Young, Soleil Moon Frye and Rob Stewart

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